About Us

Our History


Nicholson Jones Partnership Engineering Consultancy L.L.C. (aka NJP Oman) was established in 2007, as part of Nicholson Jones Partnership Ltd’s UK expansion.
As the practice grown, the Directors have maintained their client focus and close involvement with every aspect of each project, taking personal responsibility for the development of the strategic planning through to the management of the design process.
NJP Oman boasts a successful track record for innovation and quality and we strive to ensure that our reputation for cost-effective and imaginative engineering solutions is maintained. We have designed for many challenging projects dealing with structures of every size, intricacy and purpose: commercial offices, industrial, retail, health, education, and leisure as well as new-build and refurbishment projects.  

Our Goals


We aim to become one of the largest Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy Companies in Oman, providing the best quality service. Our core objectives are best value, sustainability, innovation, aesthetics and construction reform. We view the relationship between clients and other members of the team as critical to the success of any project, coupled with the desire to successfully complete virtually any size/complexity of project from inception to completion. As a client focused organisation our objectives are to ensure that our client’s aspirations and expectations are not only fully met, but where possible exceeded. 

Our Value


Civil and Structural Engineering is the art of providing functional, economic and practical designs. Through managing the design and construction process we achieve both buildability and sustainability.
Nicholson Jones Partnership Engineering Consultancy L.L.C. is underpinned by the diverse experience, technical expertise and high calibre of its engineers who have the fundamental understanding of the objectives of both clients and fellow professionals.